In the springtime, Japan plunges into pink clouds of sakura petals. The event is so significant for the Japanese that the hanami, a centuries-old tradition of flower- viewing, is respected and observed to this day in Japan and is gradually spreading around the world.


The ideal temperature for sakura blossoms is 18 degrees Celsius. Due to the difference in climate in the 3,000 kilometers country, the holiday extends for all three spring months, beginning in early March in the south and ending in late May in the north. The Japan Meteorological Agency closely monitors the “cherry blossom front”, recording the opening of “kaika” and the full bloom of “mankai” Daily news information about blooming time is transmitted on local television.



What is the point of this ancient tradition? The Japanese at this time seem to slow down their active life rhythm and devote time to contemplating an amazing natural phenomenon, spiritual renewal and reflection on transience of being and the fragility of beauty. Both on weekends and on weekdays, the parks are full with people who are having picnics under blossoming trees. Moreover, not only families or friendly companies are coming there. Even whole offices, headed by a boss, come to sit under a tree.


The city authorities are preparing for the holiday thoroughly: in the parks they set up pavilions with food, drinks and souvenirs, and among the trees they set special lighting to prolong the time to spend in the parks until dark – the trees look especially beautiful at night!


spring in Japan


Best places for Hanami

So, the blossom front is moving from south – from Okinawa to the north of the country to Hokkaido. In the blossom epicenters, the holiday is celebrated in a big way; festivals are arranged. We have collected the best places for you to observe the sakura, but no matter where you come to be during the hanami, it will definitely be very beautiful and unforgettable!


spring in Japan


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