In 2020 Silversea company will increase its portfolio with one of the most beautiful liners ever voyaged the Galapagos archipelago.


Smart and eco-friendly liner Silver Origin is designed for 100 guests. Every crew member gives individual attention to every guest; every room has its butler. Restaurants, cinema, library, beauty salon, SPA, fitness room and stores are at the guests’ disposal. You may know more about the Galapagos Islands at Explorer Lounge or Basecamp.


Liner design is eco-friendly: it doesn’t damage seabed, has water purification system, guests are offered metal drinking bottles. Also company created Silversea foundation for the Galapagos Islands which aim is to protect the archipelago via educational projects.


The Galapagos Islands cruise


Classic Galapagos routes


North Central Itinerary


A cruise to the islands which can be called a living evolution museum of all mankind – that’s more than a pleasure. You are expected to climb the Prince Philip stairs, walk along the solid lava flows and search for corals. The route starts at Baltra and finishes in San Cristobal.
Western Itinerary


A seven-day trip to the Galapagos Islands along the Western route includes swimming with green turtles and manta rays, encountering with flightless cormorants colonies, walking along the volcanic lava fields and palo santo incense forests. The cruise starts at San Cristobal and ends in Baltra.


The Galapagos Islands cruise


Unique Silversea Offers




Beginning: 12.19.2020
Duration: 11 days


It is a great chance to have a special vacation, as well as a fine Christmas present. Galapagos attract tourists with pure nature. The cruise program includes acquaintance with the diversity of island fauna and inspiring landscapes. The route starts at San Cristobal and finishes in Baltra.


The Galapagos Islands cruise




Beginning: 12.29.2020
Duration: 12 days


What could be more memorable than celebrating the New Year 2021 aboard the most refined liner and being surrounded by untouched nature? Tourists will visit the desert Bartolome island, Isabela island, Fernandina and San Cristobal, the oldest Española Island, and finally will land on Santa Cruz island to visit the Charles Darwin research station.


The Galapagos Islands cruise



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