A new six-part documentary following the work of conservation NGO Lilongwe Wildlife Trust launched 9th February 5:30pm GMT in the UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa on the Love Nature TV channel (Virgin Media channel 293 in the UK). Created by Bristol-based Icon Films, Malawi Wildlife Rescue follows the dedicated team behind the award-winning Lilongwe Wildlife Centre and the emergency response unit that saves injured wildlife out in the field.


Malawi Wildlife Rescue


Malawi Wildlife Rescue follows the Trust’s head veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Salb, and her colleagues as they go above and beyond to care for injured and orphaned animals and give them the best chance at a life back into the wild. Shot in the rainy season, when the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre receives most of its orphans, the series explores how the staff cope with an influx of baby vervet monkeys and baboons. It also follows Amanda out into the field as she attempts to save wild animals such as elephants caught in poachers’ snares.



The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, part of the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, opened in 2008. As Malawi’s only wildlife centre and home to approximately 200 rescued animals, it plays a crucial role in conserving the country’s increasingly endangered wildlife. Located in a 180-hectare wildlife reserve placed under the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s protection by the Government, the Centre aims to release as many animals back into the wild as possible.


Malawi Wildlife Rescue


Lilongwe Wildlife Trust CEO, Jonny Vaughan, said: “It was fantastic to collaborate with the Icon team to bring our work to a wider audience. Malawi is a beautiful country but its wildlife and wild places are facing huge threats, from the illegal trade in animal products to deforestation and climate change. Our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work is crucial to the country’s efforts to protect its natural heritage and I’m incredibly proud of all of the staff, partners and donors who make this work possible. I hope people who watch the show will be inspired to find out more about Malawi and may even consider coming out to volunteer with our team!”



Information from www.malawitourism.com


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