Royal Clipper, the largest sailboat in the world, is a real hotel under the sail. The only difference is that hotel doors open, but here a ramp is lowering for 200 passengers.

Royal Clipper

It is 2019, but it seems we are going on a cruise at least a century ago. The sails are soughing over our heads. The redwood was shining with varnish. The candelabrums and brass were shining. The Royal Clipper is so elegant that all it lacks is a red carpet. 

Royal Clipper

The staff consisting of 100 persons greets us on the board, and our ship raised the anchor. The Royal Clipper has various routes. It sails in Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean. It passes the Panama Canal and sails near south-western Asia. The ship also sails across the Atlantic. For example, if you are afraid of flights, it’s possible to travel this way. The cruise Lisbon -Barbados lasts for 16 days. Ten of those days you will spend in the ocean.


The company offers five routes in the Caribbean. This area is very popular. Its heavenly beauty is attractive and the liners, like trams, sail in the sea actively. Martinique, Grenada, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia and Barbados were the points of interests on our route. The Caribbean cruises last for a week or more. You may go on two cruises in succession or if you find yourself in Central America, you can also visit Honduras, Salvador and Guatemala.

Royal Clipper

Life on the board of the Royal Clipper is a separate adventure which is interesting for people who want to feel the wind that fills the sails or enjoy the comfort of a five-star hotel and explore the virgin places of the world at the same time. Every day during the cruise the passengers are offered several types of excursions. On the sea, there are catamaran and boat tours, snorkeling, and diving from the stern. The shore excursions are a calm rest on the beach, hiking of varying complexity, cycling, safari on horses, trekking to volcanoes, going to exotic plantations and visiting botanic gardens or city museums. The excursions are organized by small groups with transport and guides.


At this time three cruise sailboats are prowling the oceans. There is the Royal Clipper that we have chosen for our travel (it is the biggest sailboat in the world, according to The Guinness Book of Records), Star Clipper and Star Flyer, which are smaller. The captain revealed a secret that the fourth sailboat will get off the shipyard soon. It is a record breaker that will be larger than its forerunners. That means fans of sailing cruises will get more chances to undertake an exciting journey!


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