Its more than train system

The Swiss train system is not just a mode of transport. It’s a real cultural heritage and tourist attraction. Switzerland has several unique routes and some of them, such as the Rhaetian Railway, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The Glacier Express train goes along one of the routes of this railway. It connects Sankt Moritz and Zermatt, two classic Swiss resorts. Notwithstanding the trip lasts 8 hours, but you won’t get bored on this train for a minute. In fact, you will probably not be able to unstuck from a window and your photo camera. 


Glacier Express Excellence Class


In March 2019 the Glacier Express train has got a new carriage for the most exacting guests who like exclusivity. The Excellence Class carriage has only 20 seats, adjustable chairs, a bar with a wide range of drinks, snacks, the world-famous local wines, and cheese. The carriage has picture-perfect windows. The iPod for each passenger will help you to monitor the trip and read information about a place the train is passing by. There is also Wi-Fi. The waiters serve you eight gourmet dishes during the trip. 

Glacier Express

Sankt Moritz


Sankt Mortiz is the most expensive and exclusive resort in Switzerland. The side streets of the city, situated on a lakeshore are full of fashion boutiques and expensive restaurants. The name of this resort is firmly related to winter sports, especially bobsleighing. The only bobsleigh track covered with natural ice is situated exactly here. It is the St. Moritz Celerina Olympic, opened in 1904. By the way, Sankt Moritz is one of the three world’s cities that hosted the Winter Olympic Games two times: in 1928 and 1948. Also, every year the international ski competitions take place here. 




On arrival at Zermatt, you will immediately see the main city attraction. It is Matterhorn, a mountain peak-the summit is 4,478 meters! You will also notice a total lack of cars. The electric car is the only means of transport in Zermatt. This ancient ski resort is surrounded by most of the four-thousands of the Pennine Alps. Right here you will find the highest mountain paths in the Alps, the highest ski lift, the second-highest railway in Europe (after Jungfrau) that goes to the Gornergrat peak and highest mountain hotel. Zermatt is on the list of the best winter resorts in the world and deserves it!

Text by Diana Lozovskaya 


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